Saturday, January 8, 2011

8/90 (January 8, 2011)

Today is Saturday, so having Cole home all day let me get up a little later.
  • Cannot even remember what... an apple maybe?
  • water
  • This was the workout I began with and I found that I pushed myself more this time. I don't know if that's WHY but I was able to do more and it's just the second week! That was super encouraging!
  • Total (cereal)
  • Half slice of Grapefruit
  • Protein shake
12:00pm- LUNCH (Chick-fil-A again... I love the weekend!)
  • Fruit salad (lettuce, strawberries, mandarin oranges, cheese, apple slices, granola, carrots)
  • Lowfat Berry Balsamic Dressing (though I prob put too much).
  • Diet Lemonade
  • a few bites of my kids icecream again.
 (out all day and forgot snack)

5:00pm- DINNER
  • pork tenderloin
  • rice
  • steamed carrots
  • Green tea.
8:00pm- SNACK
  • life bar
  • lots of water
Today was ok. Need some more self control with the sweet stuff. We don' t keep any at the house, but if I go anywhere or am offered anything, I cave. It's almost 10 now and I'm not showing any signs of needing a Protein shake, so I may just go to bed soon. Leaving for church around 7am (practice music and prayer) so I'll have to get up at.... 5 or 5:30? (Gulp.) I'll try. P90X day 8...CHECK! Nite world!

7/90 (January 7, 2011)

Slept in... this morning felt like 2am when it was 6:30... ugh Let me preface that the rest of the day was set in this SLACKER and LAZY mood.

  • egg, tomato, spinach
  • grapefruit
  • Protein shake (my cookies and cream protein powder = not with grapefruit...ugh)
10:00am- SNACK
  • apple slices
12:30pm- LUNCH (Chick-fil-A)
  • grilled chicken salad. (It killed me not to get fried chicken and fries there... I did get some honey roasted BBQ sauce.)
  • oh yeah... and I had 4 bites of my kids icecream. SHAME!
2:30pm- KENPO X
  • Loved this one, because (if no one was there) it made me feel B.A.... like I could kick anyone's butt. False. Still, I liked the feeling. ;o) A lot of punches, blocks and kicks. It was pretty fun, yet made me sweat so that's good.
3:30pm- STRETCH X
  • I find myself needing to do this one at least once or twice a week. An hour of stretching, but it is SOOO Good and makes me more flexible and less likely to injure myself. 
 5:30pm- DINNER
  • Pecan encrusted trout (YUM)
  • plain rice 
  • boiled carrots
  • ... ok... didn't realize that my meal came with a piece of pie and we all shared it but it was SOOO GOOD. It had peanut butter and chocolate fluffy middle, with chocolate creme on the bottom, whip cream on top with Reese's Pieces on Top. Yeah... not at all healthy. But do you SEE how much I'm talking about it?!!! Oh my gosh.
8:30pm- Protein powder

Today was a little lazy, but days like that will keep me solid most of the time. It was a fun, lazy day, but I still got my workout (or 2) in. Day 7 of P90X... CHECK! WEEK #1 is DONE!!!!
 Goodnight guys. Thanks for reading this and holding me accountable.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

6/90 (January 6, 2011)

5:50am- woke up and ate an apple


  • I LOVED this workout because I sweated more than I have in any work out. A lot of lunches and wall squats with Pull Ups in-between. I can't do a pull up at all, so I used a chair in front of me to keep my feet diagonally in front of me, and pull my body upward in a diagonal motion. I made sure to keep my whole body in a straight line and pull all the way to the bar and lower ALL the way down to straight arms... Is that right?
7:00am- AB RIPPER
  • Couldn't even sort of do this. I feel like my ab muscles are especially weak. Now they've grown back together since having Selah (almost 3 months) but haven't hardly been used since then. I should try to do this one a lot... or just do crunches while watching tv. I like the latter...
  • 2 egg whites, spinach, and diced tomatoes on a bagel thin (one half only).
  • yogurt 
  • protein shake
10:00am- SNACK
  • nutrition bar
12:00pm- LUNCH
  • Progresso soup
  • Green Tea
3:00pm- SNACK
  • yogurt
6:00pm- DINNER
  • pork tenderloin
  • slow cooked carrots
  • rice (1/2 cup)
  • water
9:30pm- SNACK
  • yogurt with berries in it.
Yay for today. Pat on the back. Actually looking forward to Kenpo X tomorrow. Whoop, whoop! Day 6... CHECK. Nite all.

5/90 (January 5,2011)

Went fishin with my man today (salt water for the first time)! I took today off instead of friday.

Today I ate:

  • 2 Progresso soups
  • Tuna fish on thin bagels
  • Almonds
  • Apple
  • Nutrition bar
  • 2 Protein shakes
(Not in that order)

I loved today... so fun.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4/90 (January 4, 2011)

4:30am- woke up and fed my youngest (3 months) since she was crying. She wouldn't go back to sleep.

  • apple
  • 1tsp peanut butter.
  • water
5:30am- YOGA
  • Not a fan of this one. It's an HOUR AND A HALF! Who has THAT much time? Well... this morning I did, so there ya go. I realized midway through that I hadn't been bending a deep or holding my weight like they had been. See? Proper form is everything. Once I changed to proper form I could feel it WAY more. However, there was so much balancing involved that I just couldn't hold MUCH of the poses without falling. And HOLDING them is what gives you the workout. Frustrating. Still... I did an hour and a half and am more stretched out and flexible at least. Still prob my least fav.
  •  3 egg whites, diced tomatoes and spinach
  • Protein shake
  • orange juice
10:00am- SNACK
  • cashews
  • nutrition bar
12:30pm- LUNCH
  • Progresso chicken soup
  • grapes
  • water
3:00pm- SNACK
  • nutrition bar
5:30pm- DINNER (church dinner = couldn't control what was served)
  • steamed carrots
  • chicken and dumplings
  • water
7:00pm- (Confess I took my kids to Chick-fil-A and had some sips of their cookies and cream milkshake... only a few sips... )

10:30pm- SNACK
  • Protein shake
Tomorrow will be better... just not a fan of Yoga. Hopefully I'll get better at balancing as I go through the 86 days. ;o) P90X Day 4.... CHECK. Nite!

Monday, January 3, 2011

3/90 (January 3,2011)

5:40am- Got up

6:00am- Cole took my before photos. OH MY GOSH... That's eye opening right there. I may not post them till Day 30, so there's something to compare it to.

  • apple
  • 1 tsp peanut butter
  • water
  • Lots of weight lifting with 2 sets of 3 different exercises every 5 minutes or so. Tony would work shoulders, then biceps, then triceps, alternating weights and different exercises. If you CAN do the full amt or reps (usually 10-20) with a larger amt of weight, then do it. But if you won't be able to complete the exercise, then go down to smaller amts. I did 10lbs for most of the exercises, but had to move down to 5lbs for triceps, since that is my weakest area. I'll build up eventually. The hardest thing was chair bends (?) where you squat down with your back to the chair and push your body weight up with your triceps. This will for sure be the hardest for me.
  • 2 egg whites w/ diced tomatoes
  • wheat thins to scoop up egg and tomato(is that gross?)
  • protein powder with milk (8oz)
10:45am- SNACK
  • cereal with honey
  • milk

12:45pm- LUNCH
  • enchilada soup (Progresso-- pretty healthy and TONS of potassium)
  • green apple (I like it in reeeaaally thin slices, so it lasts longer)
  • 1 tsp honey to go with the apples
  • water.
3:45pm- SNACK
  • 1 cup of baby carrots.
  • water
  • (Am I supposed to do the whole "small snack thing" every 2-3 hrs EVEN if I'm not hungry?)
5:30pm-  DINNER
  • Tuna salad (tuna, green tomato relish, 1 tsp mayo)
  • wheat thins
  • Green tea
8:40pm- SNACK
  • Protein shake
  • 100 Cal soup. (soup came a little later since those two things are nasty together...ha)

* Good day today.
Day 3....CHECK. Goodnight everybody!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

2/90 (January 2, 2011)

6:20am- Finally got up, realizing the alarm had already been going off. Affirmative. I am so sore. Ate ENERGY SNACK:
  • half and apple
  • raisins
  • water
6:30am- CARDIO X
  • This will def (so far) be my go-to workout when I want to have a little bit of everything. Plyometrics, Yoga... not matter what it was, it kept your heart rate up. I loved it... and hated it of course. I love the "wacky jacks" that Tony does. Unfortunately today, I couldn't do "Superman, Banana" at all today... or at least the "banana" portion. It's where your butt is the only thing touching the floor, with the rest of your body in the shape of a
7:30am- 8:30am- BREAKFAST (it took this long because I showered in the middle).
  • protein powder in milk
  • 2 egg whites with tomato slices
  • other half of apple
  • orange juice
* Was at church and totally forgot to eat a snack this time.

12:00pm - LUNCH
  • Cobb Salad from Red Robin (Yum!) Had avocados, eggs, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, grilled chicken...
  • water
* Prob shouldn't have eaten the whole salad and just had HALF, and eaten the other half later, because I wasn't hungry until dinner, so I skipt the snack again.

6:30pm- DINNER
  • Veggie soup
  • Green apple slices w/ honey and 1 tsp peanut butter
  • asparagus (2)
  • water
9:15pm- SNACK
  • protein powder
Today was painful but good. Need to remember to go small portions every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. But I'm still proud of the food choices that I made today. Tomorrow's gonna suck because I have SHOULDERS, ARMS + AB RIPPER. But I'll get up and do it... because I want to 1. Be extremely fit  2.Look extremely fit  3. Show my children how important it is to be healthy and the benefits of it.

Well... Day Two.... CHECK. See you tomorrow!