Sunday, January 2, 2011

2/90 (January 2, 2011)

6:20am- Finally got up, realizing the alarm had already been going off. Affirmative. I am so sore. Ate ENERGY SNACK:
  • half and apple
  • raisins
  • water
6:30am- CARDIO X
  • This will def (so far) be my go-to workout when I want to have a little bit of everything. Plyometrics, Yoga... not matter what it was, it kept your heart rate up. I loved it... and hated it of course. I love the "wacky jacks" that Tony does. Unfortunately today, I couldn't do "Superman, Banana" at all today... or at least the "banana" portion. It's where your butt is the only thing touching the floor, with the rest of your body in the shape of a
7:30am- 8:30am- BREAKFAST (it took this long because I showered in the middle).
  • protein powder in milk
  • 2 egg whites with tomato slices
  • other half of apple
  • orange juice
* Was at church and totally forgot to eat a snack this time.

12:00pm - LUNCH
  • Cobb Salad from Red Robin (Yum!) Had avocados, eggs, lettuce, olives, tomatoes, grilled chicken...
  • water
* Prob shouldn't have eaten the whole salad and just had HALF, and eaten the other half later, because I wasn't hungry until dinner, so I skipt the snack again.

6:30pm- DINNER
  • Veggie soup
  • Green apple slices w/ honey and 1 tsp peanut butter
  • asparagus (2)
  • water
9:15pm- SNACK
  • protein powder
Today was painful but good. Need to remember to go small portions every 2 1/2 to 3 hours. But I'm still proud of the food choices that I made today. Tomorrow's gonna suck because I have SHOULDERS, ARMS + AB RIPPER. But I'll get up and do it... because I want to 1. Be extremely fit  2.Look extremely fit  3. Show my children how important it is to be healthy and the benefits of it.

Well... Day Two.... CHECK. See you tomorrow!

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