Tuesday, January 4, 2011

4/90 (January 4, 2011)

4:30am- woke up and fed my youngest (3 months) since she was crying. She wouldn't go back to sleep.

  • apple
  • 1tsp peanut butter.
  • water
5:30am- YOGA
  • Not a fan of this one. It's an HOUR AND A HALF! Who has THAT much time? Well... this morning I did, so there ya go. I realized midway through that I hadn't been bending a deep or holding my weight like they had been. See? Proper form is everything. Once I changed to proper form I could feel it WAY more. However, there was so much balancing involved that I just couldn't hold MUCH of the poses without falling. And HOLDING them is what gives you the workout. Frustrating. Still... I did an hour and a half and am more stretched out and flexible at least. Still prob my least fav.
  •  3 egg whites, diced tomatoes and spinach
  • Protein shake
  • orange juice
10:00am- SNACK
  • cashews
  • nutrition bar
12:30pm- LUNCH
  • Progresso chicken soup
  • grapes
  • water
3:00pm- SNACK
  • nutrition bar
5:30pm- DINNER (church dinner = couldn't control what was served)
  • steamed carrots
  • chicken and dumplings
  • water
7:00pm- (Confess I took my kids to Chick-fil-A and had some sips of their cookies and cream milkshake... only a few sips... )

10:30pm- SNACK
  • Protein shake
Tomorrow will be better... just not a fan of Yoga. Hopefully I'll get better at balancing as I go through the 86 days. ;o) P90X Day 4.... CHECK. Nite!

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