Saturday, January 1, 2011

1/90 (January 01,2011)

6:00am- woke up

6:15am- To have enough energy to get me through the workout, I ate:

  •  half a banana
  • 10 raisins
  • water
  • In this workout, it FOCUSES on core (muscles from chest to butt-- middle of body). It ranges from ab-building routines to multiple levels of push ups to lunges. Really hard. I did the whole thing, but had to modify a LOT. I just kept moving but not at the rep level that they did. When they did fast pushups, I did slower. The most important thing is keep the proper form and go till you can't go anymore. That's what I'm gonna stick with that mindset each and every day. This workout was 1 hour.
7:45-8:15am- BREAKFAST 
  • protein shake
  • 2 egg whites + diced tomatoes on half of an onion bagel
  • orange juice
10:00am- SNACK
  • low fat dark cherry yogurt
11:30am- *(Our car ran out of gas in sight of a gas station so we PUSHED the car all the way there. Go us! = more exercise.)

12:30pm- LUNCH
  • tuna salad (tuna, 1 teaspoon mayo, green tomato relish)
  • wheat thins
  • apple
  • green tea
4:00pm- SNACK
  • salad
5:00pm- Took a walk with 3 kids under 3yrs... thankfully my awesome husband was with us. = More exercise... sort of... (My almost 3 year old, Skyler, has just learned to ride a tricycle and it's stop, start, stop, start, right, left, right... you get the picture.)

6:30pm- DINNER
  • Pork tenderloin
  • asparagus (baked on a  tray with olive oil, salt, pepper)
  • potatoes
  • water
9:00pm- SNACK
  • protein smoothie...ish. (really it was just banana, cookies and cream protein mix, and milk) while watching 30 Rock. (whoop, whoop).

*** Overall, I'd say it was a good day from a health viewpoint. I'm not incredibly go-by-the-book with the nutrition program, but it was healthy. I'm proud of myself. I DO think I could stand to eat less carbs tomorrow and more fruit. And I'm already hurting. My upper and lower abs, my obliques, my triceps a little, and bruised ribs a little (from all the rolling... aka: Superman Banana... other P90X-doers will get this). Well... Day One...CHECK. Goodnight.