Saturday, January 8, 2011

7/90 (January 7, 2011)

Slept in... this morning felt like 2am when it was 6:30... ugh Let me preface that the rest of the day was set in this SLACKER and LAZY mood.

  • egg, tomato, spinach
  • grapefruit
  • Protein shake (my cookies and cream protein powder = not with grapefruit...ugh)
10:00am- SNACK
  • apple slices
12:30pm- LUNCH (Chick-fil-A)
  • grilled chicken salad. (It killed me not to get fried chicken and fries there... I did get some honey roasted BBQ sauce.)
  • oh yeah... and I had 4 bites of my kids icecream. SHAME!
2:30pm- KENPO X
  • Loved this one, because (if no one was there) it made me feel B.A.... like I could kick anyone's butt. False. Still, I liked the feeling. ;o) A lot of punches, blocks and kicks. It was pretty fun, yet made me sweat so that's good.
3:30pm- STRETCH X
  • I find myself needing to do this one at least once or twice a week. An hour of stretching, but it is SOOO Good and makes me more flexible and less likely to injure myself. 
 5:30pm- DINNER
  • Pecan encrusted trout (YUM)
  • plain rice 
  • boiled carrots
  • ... ok... didn't realize that my meal came with a piece of pie and we all shared it but it was SOOO GOOD. It had peanut butter and chocolate fluffy middle, with chocolate creme on the bottom, whip cream on top with Reese's Pieces on Top. Yeah... not at all healthy. But do you SEE how much I'm talking about it?!!! Oh my gosh.
8:30pm- Protein powder

Today was a little lazy, but days like that will keep me solid most of the time. It was a fun, lazy day, but I still got my workout (or 2) in. Day 7 of P90X... CHECK! WEEK #1 is DONE!!!!
 Goodnight guys. Thanks for reading this and holding me accountable.

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