Tuesday, January 18, 2011

17/90 (January 17,2011)

7:30am- Woke up

  • Special K fruit and yogurt cereal (my favorite)
  • water
12:00am- LUNCH
  • Vegetable soup
  • water
  • Strength workouts are weird since they don't focus on Cardio. They are so hard when you're doing them, but you don't feel exhausted afterwards and your heartrate doesn't stay up. Hopefully I'll start to see noticeable results soon.
5:00pm- DINNER (at a friends house)
  • Chicken with Rice
  • grilled Venison-dog (hotdog from venison)
  • cabbage
  • lemonade
 6-8pm- Starting financial peace class (Dave Ramsey). We need it. It will be so hard and cool to be doing a workout program and a financial program at the same time. Lots of training and self control and consistency practice.

10:00pm- SNACK
  • Protein powder
  • milk
* Need to work on getting my 2 1/2 or 3 hour snacks in. Also need to go to the grocery store and get some more fruits and veggies since I only have a grapefruit and a salad left. And need some eggs since ours went bad. Found out the hard way. Anyway. Day 17 of P90X... CHECK Good night!

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